Racing and Performance

Drag Racing: We offer thick wall DOM, Chromoly, or Racing Aluminum shafts to fit almost any application on the market. We use only quality products and all of our shafts are HAND WELDED to ensure the strongest product on the market today. We have an extensive line of forged steel and hardened yokes, quick change and long transmission yokes, and other performance related parts

Dirt Racing: Carolina Driveline can custom builds to all race applications based on your class and track regulations. We offer specialty chromoly 4 cyl dirt track shafts that eliminate up to 11lbs of rotational weight. Custom designed 1.5” driveshafts 2”, and 2.5” driveshafts for dirt or asphalt applications.

Our shafts last longer and hold up better against the competition and cost less than aluminum shafts. We also offer maintenance and repair during your off-season to keep your car running at peak performance.

Call toll free for details, and free quotes 866-SHAFT4U